Day 2: Two Steps Forwards, Zero Steps Back.

Today was a touch hectic, for my standards, so I’ll write all of this in chronological order.

I was up until four AM, I was supposed to be writing this blog post, but wasn’t; I’d been caught up conversing with my friends in the furry community on second life, as well as listening to ”Vinesauce Joel” play some ”spoopy” games. I was already beginning to falter, for some reason I simply felt overly fatigued, despite having only been awake for fourteen hours. Not my finest moment.

I slept through until two PM, it’s still far too long to be sleeping in my opinion, ten hours is a touch excessive even though I’m certain, many people would relish the chance to catch it, but it is an improvement on nine until four.

After I woke up I managed to get Fallout 4 going without any hitches, no more glitches and no more defragging of my C: drive. I lost track of the time on there, but there wasn’t really much going on today so I can’t really say I was paying that much attention either.

My eating habits seem to have taken a dive over the past few months, now don’t get me wrong I was never any sort of glutton, not in the least- but not eating from morning until dinner is odd even for me. It’s certainly something else I’ll be bringing up with the doctor, but there’s just not much for it, I’m eating for sustenance not because I’m hungry… that’s just poor.

So here I am, at twenty past one in the morning of day three, writing day two’s blog post. It’s interesting, as important as this is to me it’s still affected by my slovenly habits and lethargy. I will have to be more diligent in future.

That’s it for now, I feel like I’m getting better at this blogging business, even if it is just the literary part of it and not the overall format.

Until tomorrow.


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