Day Three: A Return to Academia

Today was rather fruitful, I sent off an application to a local college, applying for an access course (Access to higher education: Science) and will hopefully be successful in said application. The course covers a whole year and is designed for adults who need the certifications to progress to university, but who lack the luxury of having two years to get there. As much as I would prefer A-levels, I’ve stagnated in this portion of my life for too long now and it’s time to start moving forwards.

I believe that my chances of gaining successful entry are relatively high, although my high school life ended some four years ago now, my GCSE’s were excellent, all A*-B in quality and in the number of eleven…or fourteen- I can’t seem to remember off the top of my head which were and weren’t double awards.

Alongside this I have devised the concept of a reading list, a modest collection of critically acclaimed books from all genres that I am to read at a steady pace and a hard limit of no less than twenty pages a day is to be in place. My taste in books is somewhat picky, I adore reading, but only if it’s the right stuff. So, to start me off think that I will begin reading ”The Wealth of Nations” And ”The Education of Henry Adams” since both of these books are renowned classics and tickled my fancy.

To keep myself up to date with all of this, I thought that I would introduce a new category of blogs, updated twice a month on the fifteenth and the thirtieth of every month (excluding February). This should allow me to read at least three hundred pages every half month and allow me to keep removing things from my reading list-if I read more than twenty pages a day, bonus, if not I ‘will’ make it up in the days that follow.

As for the events of the day, other than what has already been stated, there are none, none whatsoever, I fell asleep at five AM and woke at ten AM thanks to a friendly phone call and once more the day was spent gallivanting around the wasteland and playing DOTA 2 (not that I won any matches).

But as for tomorrows goals, I’ll read some of the wealth of nations and look into the author a little and will meet up with a friend to have lunch, hopefully I can strike up a semi-interesting conversation and won’t bore him to death.

Until tomorrow.


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