Day 6: Lazy Sunday

Over the past few months I’ve fallen victim to a myriad of slothful tendencies but I wont recount them all- Neither you nor I have the time to read them. Instead I will cover possibly the most important, Sleep.

I stated in my last blog that I was, perhaps, in a position where my sleep schedule could ‘naturally’ set itself back into order… this didn’t happen. What actually happened was that I fell asleep at four AM, once more, and awoke even later than usual, at ten to six! I feel as though I need not explain why this is a problem.

That’s almost fourteen hours sleep and the kicker is that I know for a fact that I was awake at around one o’clock and must have made the conscious decision that sinking back into my slumber pit was a good idea! My will power is terrible in the morning; I know that it’s something many people deal with, getting up in the morning is hard, even with the correct amount of sleep, but i didn’t even want to rise at ten to six!

So, from now on, I’m going to try to set my alarm for eight and a half hours after when I start going to sleep, I will keep a record of the success or otherwise failure of this.

Having stated this it’s fairly obvious that i haven’t done much today, I mean afterall it’s half three in the morning now and I’m only getting to writing this now; I’ve read about six pages of a wealth of nations, barely managed to get through the chapter ”On the components of the price of commodities”.

The three, constant factors are: the cost of labour (i.e:how much time it takes to create the produce and how skilled, or lack thereof, the worker is, as well as the monetary cost), the rent (The cost of the land on which goods are made, if this is a factor at all) and the profit desired (if the profit desired goes up, as does the cost of the good).

Other manners of making money are that of money lending where the loan giver will earn, either, a percentage interest on the money he leant or, as was the custom, a percentage of the successful profit of the loan takers investment.

But that’s it really, apart from playing DOTA, today was a waste.

Today was a failure and I don’t want to write about it anymore.

Until tomorrow.

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