Day 7: A Slippery Slope

So yesterday, I said, was a wasted day, I did nothing productive and progressed in embettering myself in no noticeable manner; not every day can be a winner afterall and your highs are, by nature, defined by your lows.

Though this being said, today was also a waste, in fact, it was even worse than yesterday. I’ve read nothing, done nothing and slept right through the day from midday until eight PM. The only productive thing I’ve done today is go and purchase a bottle of red wine, I’m no sommelier but I know a good red when I see or taste one- I figured a treat wouldn’t hurt.

It turned out however that I didn’t deserve a treat; I had a list of things I wanted to do today and, had I completed them all, I would have allowed myself a small glass in the evening, but the most punishing thing about not completing my to do list, despite denying myself that glass of wine, is… none of the tasks were really hard.

Not hard at all.

All I had to do today was, read a little, fix up my second life character, say hello to two people and make sure they were in good stead and sit down to write a little bit of fanfiction for a friend. None of these things ended up happening and, well, two days is a coincidence but three is a pattern, and it’s a slippery slope.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow and I hope that i’m just having a couple of ‘off days’ and will be back on track tomorrow, but, something tells me that i’m going to have to, rapidly, find something to lend me extra resolve.

Maybe tomorrow wont be a waste.

Until tomorrow.


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