Day 8: Drinking is Fun

Alright, so straight in with it. I was invited around to a friends house, now me being… me, I somehow managed to turn a quiet night in, into a rather raucous drinking match consisting of a bottle of red wine, a bottle of gin and some pear cider. Messy.

When it comes to alcohol, I have a weak constitution, I’m a lightweight, I drink slow and I drink little…mostly. Last night I seemed to have somehow founds the constitution to pound through a bottle of red wine, a quarter of a bottle of gin and a few cans of pear cider, rather inversely to it’s pointlessness… I’m quite proud of myself.

I am a lightweight, but I kept it all down- a win in my book.

As for everything else, my sleep was off once more, and ended up falling asleep at three AM still rather drunk and rather without accomplishing anything else, even my reading was sub standard.

Today wasn’t a terrible day, it just wasn’t particularly special either and despite failing to read enough and not completing some writing, I got up, got out there and had a social night with a friend.

Today was A OK.

Until tomorrow

P.S: 17/11/15

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