Day 9: No Hangover

I am one of those horrible, over-entitled, lucky bastards that never, ever, gets a hangover, ever! Or so I’ve been vehemently told by my peers. Yes I never get hangovers, I never had and dare I say never will, from what I can remember of my family, no one in it ever got them… maybe it’s genetic and when other people are waking up, pale of face and sick to their stomach I’m only making it worse by cooking a full on fry up.

Admittedly as much as I craved a fry up this morning, and desired for my want of salted mead to be slaked by the god given gift of bacon, I don’t think my friend would take too kindly to me cooking ‘all of the food in his house’ at seven thirty in the morning- so a Swedish meatball and cheddar sandwich had to do.

I’m no delicatessen.

Most of the day, however, was spent either asleep or doing nothing productive and to top it off, I left my book at my friends house, so in the mean time I will have to read an online version, hopefully it’s just as good.

Before I go to sleep I’ll try to find an online copy of the wealth of nations and maybe put a dint in the anime watch list. In reality, I’m just waiting for the twenty third to roll round, I can get to the doctors and perhaps then get to the gym.

Until tomorrow.


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