Day 10: Small Tasks

Alright, today was a blessing in disguise.

So from the top down, I actually got up at a reasonable time, just before eight in the morning in actuality- it was freezing I might add. After actually getting up I surmounted the will to actually cook something, (now I’m writing this the day after, so I can’t really remember) but I know I had an omelette and I think I had some Weetabix and toast. Better than I’ve eaten all week in fact.

whilst I ate I modded my second life avatar, sometimes I envy those who have ‘only’ have normal avatars, sometimes I dislike the necessity of having a ‘decent’ furry avatar to socialise with my friends in said community at the locations they choose to hang around at… point is furry avatars are a bitch to mod.

Since this took up most of my morning very little happened until after lunch, and even after that only a little happened. What did happen however was, I actually organised what I’m going to say to the GP.

I used to be a fairly decent athlete, a swordsman (and not that pussy whipped fencing malarkey, actual swordsmanship) a climber and an archer, but over the past year or two, all of my muscles mass has gone, and I mean all of it, I am back to being a spindly twig figure. So on top of addressing my mental state, I’ll be asking about getting fit and what they can do to help with it.

This doesn’t stand on it’s own of course, I should also bring up the fact that I am getting tired after unusually short amounts of time, I wouldn’t call it daytime tiredness, but it’s certainly not normal and finally the severe pain I feel in my knee when I climb stairs.

It never rains it only pours.

And finally I managed to look up some resources for starting to learn Japanese, I already speak English naturally and speak French with… a degree of success, but I lack the learning of an Asian language; since my interest in their culture and their animation alight I figured it only made sense to start learning Japanese.

but that was it for today.

Until tomorrow.


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