Day 13: Wrath and Sloth

Now, I’ll say for a start, I’m not religious, not in the least, but these two of the seven deadly sins are the perfect conceptualisation for adequately describing the two most pressing issues I’m dealing with at this moment in time. We’ll start with wrath.

Of recent I have been prone to anger, but not just the type of anger where you would be spiteful or terse with people, but deep seated anger that surfaces in the worst of ways. I recently went sword fighting with my friends, and I got angrier and angrier the more mistakes I made and eventually the cuts and knicks from the blades turned me into a ball of white hot rage.

I hacked, slashed and destroyed every single combatant in a matter of seconds, more brute force than technique, forced them out of the circle and won… but it didn’t end. The last friend I dueled, I kept going, slashing, hacking and i only stopped when I smacked the sword from his hand… i haven’t been back since.

My anger is endangering my friends and I will take steps to reduce, contain or vent it.

Now for Sloth

Lethargy often comes with depression, but that’s to be expected, however what I’m doing is rather… more than that. I’m being lazy, slovenly even. I hardly make food anymore, I’m sleeping at unsociable hours and even my hygiene has taken a dip.

This is the easier of the two to mitigate, as I merely have to begin living a more active life, one that I find enriching and satisfying, after that, my mindset should follow and we can wave bye bye to the slovenly Zach.

As for sleep, generally pretty good today, fell asleep at midnight and woke up at about eight AM, and food, well… not so great, two pies and some pasta bake, not the best, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Until tomorrow 

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