Day 16: No Hangover

I should preface this whole blog post with an apology, an apology for being one of those, horrible, people who don’t suffer from hangovers; I’ve mentioned it before but, I just don’t get them, never have and probably never will, so when all of my friends are ready to vomit their arse out through their mouth I’ll be in the kitchen chiming ”Who wants runny eggs” To the tune of vomiting afterwards.

Today was weird though, in the sense that at some point in the night I must have decided that the bathroom floor wasn’t the best habitat for a sleepy, drunk, Zach because I woke up in my bed, that never happens, I always wake up where I fall when I’ve been drinking, so, today had a surprisingly good start.

So, I got up eventually and felt a little funny, still drunk most likely given the volume of cider I drank, but there’s some merit in that and it took a while for me to make breakfast, even if it was just a corned beef sandwich.. at first, followed by another sandwich, soup, four weetabix, more tea and coffee than you know what to do with, a pie and a ton of biscuits.. I was super hungry.

Other than eating all day, I didn’t really do anything, I played some rocket league but that was about it, I can’t really say that the day was spent recuperating since I felt fine, but it was probably wise to not do too much.

It wasn’t a wasted day since it’s merely the run on from a good night out with some decent friends, but I could have done more… I refrain from passing a judgement on today.

Until tomorrow.

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