Day 17: No Recollection

I’m Writing this two days after the day, the most recent days have been oddly busy and I struggle to recall whether I actually accomplished anything. Probably not though.

As far as I can recall, there was nothing special, in particular about today, I’ve been getting back into the swing of playing Fallout and Rocket League but that’s about it, and I know that I planned to write a little something on the Sunday this weekend.

Other than this, I struggle to remember much, I know that I woke up early and that my breakfast was most likely bread based with tea and coffee… but even past that I can’t really remember what I ate for dinner… I think it was pork and baked potatoes.

I’ll catch up with these and make sure that I’m writing them on the day that they happen.

I’m sorry. I will get better…. I have to!

Until tomorrow.

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