Day 19: The AGM

Every year my LARP group hosts a meeting, the AGM, where we discuss all manner of things from the cost of running the group and the submissions that are expected of everyone to the general rules of the dark brothers and their friends.

Though, I didn’t say much, I turned up and had a few drinks with a larger group of people. I was nervous, I hadn’t seen many of the boys in well over four months and it was super hard for me to get a word in.

By the time we were all leaving I had warmed up to them a little and felt more comfortable in talking with a few of them, but none of the higher ups or group regulars… they have such gravitas and I just don’t.

But that was pretty alright, despite being part of the group for around a year or so now, it’s still pretty rough for me, I don’t really understand how they can all be so open and easy going with one another, especially in compromising situations like in a battle line.

I guess I’ve just been having a run of rough days and it’s showing both in my blogging and my social mannerisms… I just feel tired and rather down, it’s kind of rough.

Other than that, nothing and I mean nothing happened today, I got up at around ten AM and only got home at nine PM, despite the fact that most of the day was spent yelling across the room like in the houses of parliament  it was OK… I didn’t really enjoy it, but I attended.

Until tomorrow.


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