Day 20: Sundays Suck

I’ve never liked Sundays, In high school they were an early night and who can think of having fun when you know that you’ve got to go to school at eight O’clock the following morning? Mental people, that’s who.

Now in my (sort of) adult life Sundays are still a problem! Not only does everything shut super early, shops and the like, but I also find it difficult to do anything productive on them; it’s sort of like having a ”If the country is closing early, so am I!” mentality and it is not a productive habit to maintain.

So as you could probably guess, in line with this habit, nothing much really happened today, as has been the case for the last few days, but i have figured out what i need to do in the coming days however. I do need to call my engineering course adviser to get a few things cleared up and I need to take up Krav maga at my local club, start learning the piano and pick up on the classes for learning Japanese and ‘maybe’ German too.

They’re all jotted down in my mind and at least three of them should be fulfilled by tomorrow, getting back into the swing of having a more active lifestyle is more difficult that imagined – it’s definitely an uphill struggle.

But that’s not what this page of this blog is for, I should actually state what happened today.

I got up at about eleven AM, it’s later than when I usually get up, but then again it is sunday and no one can really judge me for sleeping in and despite having an extra few hours in bed, I still managed, in a sleep addled state to try and brew cold coffee which was them heated up in the microwave… it was passable, but tasted more like hot chocolate than coffee.

I ate a decent amount today, starting off with a sausage and egg sandwich followed by a pork pie at lunch and then some beef and potatoes at dinner. There was more caffine than was really needed today, just in coffee and tea and it seems to have contributed to a few ‘magic moments’ but there have been no, touch wood, full panic attacks.

The only thing I’m really concerned with is that my knee is getting noticably worse and I seem to have been cold and achy all day, it’s really rather disconcerting, but we’ll see what tomorrow holds- I’ll  just try to keep weight off of this knee.

Until tomorrow.


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