Day 22: Fighting

Today has yielded a very singular success, although upon further inspection it seems to have actually provided me with a more in depth understanding of what I’m actually seeking with regards to a physical outlet.

Put simply, I don’t just want to learn how to beat people into a pulp.


Although my desire to learn a martial art of two is, initially seated, in my desire to actually be able to defend myself there is also a secondary motive to it- I relish competition. Now I’m not talking specifically about any competition, take chess for example, it’s fun and I’m good at it, but it doesn’t deliver unto me the same catharsis that sparring with a comparably skilled opponent does.

I decided to look into krav maga with the understanding that it is one of the most efficient martial arts, it’s tried and tested on real life scenarios and relies upon alterations to natural physical responses to attack. The downside of this is that without proper metering of force it also proves to be one of the most devastating fighting styles with plenty of powerful punches and grapples that can tear joints and break bones… right up my alley then.


Suitably bad ass logo for a bad ass combat style.

It’s a visceral fighting style that plays to my natural aggression and the moves that it teaches rely very little on strength, form over power in essence, but in and of itself it is a function over form style of combat; it’s not pretty, it’s not frilly but it does teach you to lay assailants out as easily as a farmer reaps corn.

Now, these are the reasons that I’m interested in this martial art, but, quite inversely, I am also interested in a form over function style- Wing Chun Kung Fu. I found myself looking few a few schools and this was one of the few that I stumbled upon and I must say, it is beautiful; the way it flows and one move leads fluidly on to the next, even if it all happens within a split second (being that it’s a very explosive style) is curiously enrapturing.


wing chun

The eastern fighting stereotype is strong in this image.

Fortunately there are a number of groups within my vicinity that provide me the opportunity to learn and I already have my eyes on a specific three, ready to be fine-tuned to one or two of course.

This is a huge step and has to be thought through very carefully, I have every intention to see these styles through to completion, but since this blog should go on for six years we’ll see.

In other news, I did not participate in any of my silver cloud therapy today, it was on my mind on a few occasions but I never actioned it, partly due to laziness and partly due to the time constraints later in the day- I’m not proud, but it happened like that.

Tomorrow I fully intent to go through the next steps in the course, I’m not going to set a limit on it, that’s just bad practice but I would like to get through at least one section. That would really make my day.

Tomorrow I will also look into piano, I didn’t look today, not from laziness, but from being rather drawn into investigating the fighting classes in my area… and Fallout 4- still riding that wasteland train.

All in all today was quiet, a success but quiet, and there’s only so much that can be done in the day when you wake up at mid day, it effectively knocks off a third of your working day and between bathing and eating (Toast and sardines this morning and chicken and nachos this evening) there’s not much that can be done.

I’m beginning to see that my goals for following days have been rather ambitious, so I’m going to set them to a rather conservative expectation for the immediate future and ‘if’ I do more then great.

As such my goals for tomorrow are going to be.

  • Look around my area for piano lessons
  • Look into Japanese Lessons
  • Look at WordPress 101

But, that’s all for tonight.


We’ll see what tomorrow holds.

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