Day 25: Layabout

While I am hesitant to say that today was a waste, it definitely was. For all the other days there seemed to be some form of silver lining; I either did something small or highlighted some things that I wanted to do however that wasn’t the case today, I pretty much did nothing at all.

So, in theory, since there’s no lesson ,that I’ve learned, to weave into this blog post, it should be a very short one.

From what I remember, I got up around noon and probably had nothing to eat for breakfast except a cup of tea, following on from that I had some company about an hour or so later and they stayed over for the night.

They’re not really a friend in my eyes, even though I know they’re trying,  but I guess we just have two, too different personalities for my taste- I kind of feel guilty about that in reality.

I was rather lazy and decided to order in dinner, I just didn’t feel like cooking and I kind of felt like a burger, so with the monolithic tower of beef and chicken down I decided to hit the hay at around three AM.

Like I said, nothing happened today, it was a shit day and I feel shit about it.

We’ll see what tomorrow holds though.


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