Day 26: Work

Today wasn’t too bad, I didn’t improve anything, not even the slightest thing, and in fact it may have been edging towards the worse end of the spectrum, pushed that way by the occurrence of a few ‘magic moments’… but it wasn’t too bad.

So for the past few months I’ve been holding down a part time job, something for me to do and I suppose getting paid for it is certainly a bonus… though I do fucking hate my job- I hate people.

Bearing in mind that last statement, the ever infamous statement.

”I hate people”

You might begin to think that perhaps getting a bar job, you know a job where conversing and serving people is part of your day to day, you might believe that I might not be… ideal for the job. You’d be right.

I loathe my job, the pay is shite and the people who I serve make me want to skull fuck them with my fist… but it is only thirty paces or so from my front door, so I guess that’s something- travel isn’t really a problem.

There’s a number of things that I want out of the job, but money is the top contender.

But it helps subsidise my food bill as I usually take home about sixty pounds worth of ‘perishable’ food that goes straight into the freezer and sits there happily for a few days before I dig it out and scoff it.

But that was all that happened today, and bar a few ‘small’ panic attacks all went well.

Hopefully this downward turn in days will go away.


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