Day 27: Another Sunday.

Today was another do nothing day, there does however seem to be a somewhat worrying prevelance of these days of recent, I believe I’ve fallen victim to the vices of a lethargic life mentioned on day seven I believe. The trend for these days and indeed the overall quality of this record in general has dropped and that’s mainly just because of laziness and general lethargy.

To add to these already worrying factors, I’m currently three days behind schedule with these things, so the accuracy of my accounts is doubtless less than acceptable and thus the efficiency with which this blog allows me to survey my life is impaired…severely.

But from what I remember, I woke up late, very late, sometime around one in the afternnon, it wasn’t really my best moment but sadly, spoilers, it’s a trend that’s kept up for the following days as well. I don’t know whether it’s just my body’s rhythm that it prefers being up at night, I mean there’s plenty of evidence to support that theory, but in reality it’s more than likely down to my self control… something I have very little of.

What’s worse is that I feel so guilty about this, I promised myself i wouldn’t let myself get this behind with this and look what’s happened, I’ve broken that promise and as a consequence there’s a number of things in my life that are also suffering… it’s just… so much, too much? Maybe.

These posts are beginning to feel more and more like the scrawlings of a mad man and not the notes of a young gent on the road to improvement, my thoughts are more fragmented, there’s no structure and I just don’t understand why even these most basic of tasks are proving so difficult.

It hurts… it hurts so much.

It’s just not fair… why is this happening to me?

What did I do to deserve this mental plague?


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