Day 28: Check in With Advisor

Today yielded a very small, almost infinitesimally small, success, but it was indeed a success so I suppose I’ll talk about it a little bit. At eleven this morning I was told to check in with my Silver Cloud account- so that’s just what I did.

Whilst I was expecting a chat with a real person, I should have understood that this wouldn’t be the case, not everyone has a mic and not everyone using the site would feel comfortable with actually talking to someone, so instead I got a message. It read as such.

Hi Zachary,

I hope that you are well and are finding SilverCloud helpful. Well done for all the hard work you have put in so far. I can see that you have now completed the welcome to silvercloud and getting started modules, I hope you found these useful.

I’m sorry that the therapy you received in the past has not been helpful. I hope you will find this type of therapy useful, as there is a huge evidence base to show that it works, unfortunately it just takes a lot of hard work implementing the techniques.

The self critical thoughts you described, such as ”I’m not good enough’ are types of thoughts that we all have, however, unfortunately become more common when we are feeling low in mood and/anxious. I think you will find the challenging thoughts module helpful in working through these thoughts, however sounds like your already halfway there by being able to identify these thoughts.

Great work on the activity this week; you had some really interesting situations there. How did you find this module overall? Next, it might be useful to add a take home point for yourself.

Why not try setting a goal for yourself this week? Setting goals can be a great way to get motivated and it is always so satisfying when you can tick it off as “completed”

I have set a new review date for 21st December 2015. Please ensure that you have completed the questionnaires on SilverCloud before this date.

I look forward to seeing how you get on in our next review.

Best wishes,
Kate Davison

I am grateful, I truly am for Kate’s expertise on the subject and her willingness to use it to help other people and I know that this is merely the first letter of correspondence I’ve had with her, but somehow it feels… lacking.

This of course, is not a comment on her ability, quite the opposite in fact, she’s shown herself to be very caring and capable. Perhaps it’s just me being a cynic, hoping for some great nugget of wisdom instead of simply rewording what I already know and what I’m already doing… like parroting my mind.

In any case I believe I responded poorly. Perhaps it was my tone that I’d written it in or maybe I was just in a foul mood and despite my inability to access what I’ve actually sent I believe it was very very terse and unpleasant.

But That’s about it for today. So I can actually focus more on the happenings of the day, I’ll start putting out blogs every fifteen days detailing sleeping patterns, eating habits and exercise… perhaps after Christmas I’ll look back at reading too.

Not a terrible day… Hope tomorrow is better though.

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