Day 30: Shadowrun

Today I decided it was about high time to find something to do that wasn’t work, something that didn’t dictate the progress of my transformation into Zach 2.0 as it were- something that’s fun. As you may have garnered from the title of this post, what I came up with is Shadowrun.

Okay, credit where credit is due, this wasn’t entirely my idea, one of my friends, Bennet, has been especially patient with me as of recent, he’s been tolerant and patient even when I’ve been… a royal jackass. Bennet was the genius behind the idea that I should try an RPG, it gets me out, socialising and it’s something fun; hesitantly I admitted that it might not be a bad idea, plus the IP of shadow run is right up my street, cyberpunk, magic and a ton of special skills… right up my street.

So most of the day was spent crafting a character using a stunning piece of software called “Chummer”. To some people RPG’s are complex machinations of the imagination that revolve solely around arbitrary numbers, dice rolls and luck, at least before I got involved in them, that’s how I felt about them, but even now, years later, even I have to admit that the sheer number of skills and complexity of the dice rolls make Shadow run a bit of a mystery to me.

In any case I’ve been assured that the GM does in fact know how to play and I’m a quick study so I’m certain i’ll pick it up in no time at all, after all character creation was a breeze, sort of. It’s important to have a character idea in mind when designing your vessel in that world, so to put it simply, I’ve been hooked on Sword Art Online recently, so I thought it’d be fairly apt to design my character on the main protagonist, Kirito.



So many a girl’s male waifu… a maifu?

He’s a touch of a mary sue but that doesn’t really matter, it’s nigh on impossible to be such a character in an RPG game, in any case knowing how cavalier I can be in these games it’s not like i wont be shot to shit anyhow.

But as for today, that was about it and I didn’t really do much else. Not a bad day.

Until tomorrow.



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