Day 31: A Month Doing This.

Whilst I am still horrendously behind with my posts, this should be the point at which I realise that this, asinine blog, is in fact a very active part of my life and should I ever get to the point where I am confident enough to start advertising this and making it more of a peoples blog, then, I’m certain that this should at least provide some form of help or insight into the life of someone suffering from depression and someone who wants to get better.

You see I’m blunt, terribly so and when people, the worst kind of people i might add, ask stupid things like.

“Why are you upset? You don’t have anything wrong with your life” and offer terrible insight and advice like “Depression is something you just, snap out of”  or my personal favourite “You’re just overreacting” most people have a diplomatic response to this, some sensible voice in their head that brushes it aside, despite how severely it lances at their mind, do you know what I say?


I don’t expect everyone to understand the strife that this mental cancer causes and I certainly don’t expect people to always be empathetic towards those that do- lord knows I don’t always give people the slack they’re due. However, what I do expect is for people, no matter the quality of their character to respect that this person is struggling and does need some help… just for the love of god don’t ask them why they’re depressed.


A.N: Revisit this post and rewrite it.

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