Day 32: German Market

Over the Christmas period the German market comes to my town, in actuality, it’s exactly what you might expect; it’s a Krindelmart, a Christmas market that sells all kinds of seasonal goodies, but perhaps most importantly, mulled wine and Jager Meister ( Is that spelled right? I don’t know!)- it’s an odd combination… but it works, boy does it work.

So aside from drinking my weight in hot wine and spirits we spent some of the evening roaming around the stalls, purchasing all kinds of brickabrack like candle settings and seasonal roasts of coffee. Most of my money went on drink and coffee though, money well spent in my opinion.

One of my friends, on the other hand decided that they would purchase a bottle of “Viking Blood” , basically, to you and me, that’s a bottle of cherry mead and knowing David, it wont last long. The sweet red ichor is surprisingly Moorish and despite its heft twenty percent proof, you can quite happily go through a bottle or two over the course of an evening… or an hour.

Other than this, there’s not much to really add, this was, in reality, the zenith of my day and there wasn’t really anything else that happened, I went home, had my friend cook me dinner and then stayed up into the wee hours of the morning.

Unfortunately, I believe that my sleeping pattern has fallen back into disarray and I find myself falling asleep between five AM and seven AM on most nights, or mornings, now. Not ideal.

So… that’s it, no real message today except for.

Mulled wine + Jager Meister = Success

Until tomorrow.


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