Day 33: Do Nothing Day.

Today was another do nothing day.

After waking up some time in the afternoon, more than likely some time around two to three AM I headed downstairs and promptly began to play a game of Dota, this lasted until the evening when a friend asked whether i wanted to come down to his house and see a few of the LARP crew i’ve not seen in a while.

I was uncertain at first but ended up going down at the rather unsociable hour of nine PM. I wish I hadn’t gone.

There was only me, my friend and some bloke who i have no idea about who were there, apparently the owner of the house, or shared owner as it were, had cleared off for a get together with some of his friends and we were kind of stuck.

So I remained in the house until two thirty in the morning before beginning the rather short trek home, I didn’t know the guy, I didn’t like the guy and quite frankly I cannot be arsed writing this blog post because there’s fuck all left to say.

Until tomorrow.

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