Day 34: Help the Elderly

Today I actually did something good. For the past few years, about five or six, at around this time of year i’ve made a rather lengthy trip to a small urban community called Bramley. There, at their community center, I’ve helped host the ‘party’ every year, to get the old dears out of their homes and socialising… no one should be alone at christmas. So it’s more than worth the trip, no matter how massive it is.

I work with the insurance company “Zurich” and their workers as an extension of their “Zurich Cares” initiative where they go out and perform community services for purely benevolent reasons. I know that sounds somewhat like an advert, but upon inspection of their motives, they seem sound and well meaning so I can get behind that wholeheartedly.

It usually starts at around mid day and with three litres of sherry; whilst that sounds like a pretty good way to start off a drinking session it usually doesn’t last very long and, even though they may be old, they can sure go through alcohol like us young’ns (there’s orange juice for those that don’t drink).

This, in turn is then followed up by the slicing, spreading and skewering of all kinds of lunch timey things, everything from pickeled onions to dressed salmon goes out, keeps variety high and there’s always something for them to take home too. Black forest gateux is the customary desert and is always served with lashings of thick cream- keeps them, and me, happy.

But after it all and they begin to trickle out of the hall, having had a day out and a bit of a shuffle dance around the room they usually all say thank you and leave looking a little happier than they did before.

If it means that even one of them doesn’t spend the Christmas season completely alone.

It’s worth it! Every second, penny and pound!

Until tomorrow.


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