40: Clan Night!

Every Monday and Thursday is clan night and all of the people I game with and play with online will come into a team speak and we’ll generally spend the next four hours shouting and screaming about how the other team on <insert game here> are hackers.

Welcome to the Special Needs Forces!

This has been going on for about three or four years now, it’s certainly not going to stop any time soon, that’s for sure. We are the “Best of the shitters” as we like to call ourselves and we’re all fucking mental.

True some members of the clan have respectable jobs like teachers and engineers but that seems to be just a ruse, something that they do, to get the money, that enables them to act like the children they really are.

But this Sunday was different, one of our members wives recently turned fourty, so, naturally this was a wonderful time for us to all meet up and generally get shitfaced… me more so than most.

So after downing three quarters of a bottle of red wine before even leaving the house and playing a drunken game of darts we finally decided that we should go. It was a bit of a dump, not that we cared obviously but still.

Most of the night was spent drinking and reveling and spilling drinks, it was fun and when we were finally turfed out of the social club, we went back to a friends house and continued to drink until the early morning (four AM).

Eventually I reached my limit and left through an upstairs window by sliding down a drain pipe and escaping into the night. Because apparently drunk me thinks I’m batman.

But that was all that happened today, it was a good day.


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