day 41: Strength Training

Today was pretty successful, though it seemed like failure originally, it is only, writing this a day later, now that I realise how successful it actually was. I’m no stranger to working out and I used to cultivate quite a muscular stature and though that has long since passed the lessons that it taught me haven’t. It imparted upon me the basic knowledge of what exercises train different muscles within the body.

Now, when I was muscular, I could work out three times a week and manage five sets of twenty reps on most areas of my body, the whole workout took around an hour to an hour and a half most days- not long as all. Whilst this workout, after a time was never going to garner me a huge amount of muscle mass, I never wanted it to; after I passed a certain point with my body I realised that it was rather pleasing to the eye, so being that I was plenty strong enough for most things, but still nimble enough to work with a blade I stopped building muscle and started to tone it.

Since then however it’s fair to say that my days or a relatively difficult workout scheme are over. Like an idiot, I decided that I would try to pick up exactly where I left off and that went terribly. What it boiled down to was me completing the work on my arms but when it came to working on on my chest and core well… I couldn’t do one push up.

It’s fair to say that it was a failure and it’s even more reasonable to say that because of the comparatively small workout, if you can call it that, there was no real benefit. The success, however, came from the fact that this has made me realise my physical limits and has forced me to begin looking for a workout that will actually help foster a new lifestyle.

Other than that, today was pretty quiet other than the fact that I finished watching the most heart touching anime that I have ever seen.

Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanajo.

It’s simply brilliant and it hit me right in my heart.

Loved it, ten out of ten.

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