Day 42: Sleepy

Recently I’ve been waiting for my body to register that it’s not used to actually exercising and it should start aching, bearing in mind the ridiculous work out regimen I tried to force on myself. That hit today, it’s my arms mostly, they feel as though they’re on fire when I move them, but sadly, nowhere else does.

I realise that I’m supposed to impart some form of wisdom here but I don’t think that I can, I fell asleep at about nine AM in the morning and woke up at about six PM in the evening, nothing really happened and the stuff that did happen was mostly trivial, regarding how I get from A to B doing other stuff.

It’s a bit touch and go lately, I’m moving in the direction that I want to be going in, but it’s going slowly and I’m not progressing every day, so, hit and miss.

As for today, I believe that was all.

Nothing went wrong, nothing went right.

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