Day 43: A Few Good Things

Today wasn’t overly packed with activities that granted me any benefit except for a few minor successes and the time to mull over what my steps should be with my exercise regimen and how I might implement updates on it and my physical form within this blog.

We’ll start with the musings over my exercise routine since I’ve touched on it lightly before. The idea that’s in my mind at the moment is that I’ll do an, on the side, update every fifteen days that details the exercise I did on what days, in what amounts and will attatch a picture for posterity, perhaps I can compare how I look now to how I’ll look in a few months or years time- hopefully less pale.

As for the other small successes today, they involved the location of a small, beginners exercise routine; I don’t believe that I’m executing the exercises correctly, however those that I am doing right wil surely tide me over to the new year where I will have a trainer sketch out a personalised plan.

Another success, sort of, is finally being up to datewith this wordpress account again, I’m no longer trying to recount what i did over the last four or five days, i’m writing about my days, the morning after, when it’s sstill fresh in my mind and i’m awake enough to give a decent commentary on it.

I’ve also tried to locate translated light novels for Sakurasou, but i realise this must be cheating since my best shot of reading them is to buy them, put them to the side and return to them when i can read kanji.

However that was it for today and over the next few day’s I’ll be doing more and more, but not enough to wear myself out.

Feels good to have some direction, no matter how small.


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