Day 46: Boxing Day.

Boxing day was better than Christmas for me, not least of which because I didn’t spend the day alone, but predominantly because I had a reason to actually use the stuff that I’d bought. Chief amongst these gifts would have been the Genki 1 text book that I’ve been looking at studying… or it would if I dind’t buy the exercise book rather than the actual text book.

So that was a bit of a faux pas on my behalf, but it’s nothing but a small set back even if the actual textbook is thirty pounds, but I suppose you can’t put a price on knowledge. So that will no doubt be one of my first purchases of the new year- that along with classes at a gym with a trainer.

It still hurts by the way, my leg, it’s not as bad as it was and I should be able to pick up the workouts again, though it might be more sensible to designate a lighter load for my legs, just to make sure I don’t exaccerbate things.

Other than that, boxing day was pretty quiet and it simply involved more red wine and making a small turkey korma, in order to get rid of the exess poultry Christmas always seems to bring with it; I did think about giving it to a homeless shelter, though that doesn’t seem to be an option now I’ve put a cream based sauce over the stuff. It tends to go off after a day or two.

But that was all today held.

I’m slipping back into old habits of doing nothing. I have to be pro active and take steps to get what I want.

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