Day 47: Wasted Day

Today was a waste.

Considering that there’s not much of the day left when you wake up at five in the evening, it’s safe to say that nothing of merit was achieved today. I fell asleep earlier in the day at about five AM, for some reason it’s been more and more difficult to get to sleep at a reasonable time and even more difficult to go the long way around and stay awake for twenty four hours and fall asleep at about nine O’clock.

There’s always something that i can do of course, though with Christmas having just happened, I’m being a little forgiving of myself an my lethargic attitude, it might have something to do with my shit attitude towards the season.

One thing that I have noticed I want to change about this blog is the overall structure and the language I use within it, now I’m not talking about swearing, sometimes a good “fuck” or “shit” really does sum something up better than “it was really bad”.  What I want to see is greater variation in sentance structure, paragraphs in some form of order and a larger use of my vocabulary which has dwindled over recent years.

Other than that, today was a waste, nothing was achieved and nothing happened.

What a fucking shit day.


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