Day 49: Old Friends We’ve Lost.

Today is the twenty ninth of December and it’s the birthday of my first friend, now most people would gush and praise how their first friend was a paragon of kinship that they, a ‘mere mortal’, can only aspire to be like. That is not the case here. We always walked different paths, I was more of a traditional academic, your standard high school nerd: kind, smart and very talented… but cynical and with a chip on my shoulder for my physical and social superiors; he was my opposite: strong, sporty and sociable but without the grasp on academia that I had and without care for attaining it.

By all means, had we met through normal means I can almost assure you that we would not have been friends, we were everything that the other was not! I know that the term is that opposites attract, but with the amount of fights that we had, I can swear to you, wholeheartedly, that we would not have been ‘pals’.

Our parents were firm friends and I mean it quite literally when I say, we’ve been friends since we were toddlers. To protect the innocent I wont mention his name, but for ease of purpose we’ll call him Daniel.

It was easy to remain friends through the early stages of high school, but it was never going to last, as occurs naturally at that age in life, some people excel and others stagnate- sadly I outpaced him at every turn. We began to chat less and less and we saw less and less of one another over the years, different classes and interests, different friends and places to be.

The only reason we managed to keep in touch was that we’d meet up every year, new years eve. That wont happen this year, it wont happen any year after this, our time is over and I lament my not being strong enough to stop that.

As, the irony of the situation is that now, he has a job somewhere else in the country, he has moved on in his life and I’m still here, he’s outpaced me at every turn.

So, for all the memories we’ve had and for all the memories that we may never get to have.

Happy Birthday Daniel.

He’s not my friend any more, he’s someone I don’t know and the same could be said of me, but, I will always remember our fights and friendship it’s something I will treasure always and maybe we’ll meet again.

If I choose it.


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