Day 50: Call It Surprise.

Now, right from the very start I was serious about this little project of mine, even if it was only me reading it- perhaps it will only ever be me reading it. This is very much part of my life now, a small account of my days, every day for the past fifty days… even if it has petered off a little as of late.

My vigor seems to have hit a wall, it’s hard to write things about your day when it just seems to be the same pattern over and over again, get up, do nothing, complain about doing nothing, try to sleep, fail to sleep.


I’d love to be able to say that that’s going to change or that it’s a work in progress, but as much as I want to say that, I can’t ‘promise’ it, though i can say that I will work harder.

I’m still behind on days and I’m still on that slippery slope, it’s rough, very rough.

I can’t remember what I did on this particular day. I’m sorry.


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