Day 55: Legion Commander.

So far, over the past two months (almost) it seems like I’ve mentioned one thing perhaps more than anything else, well the one tangible thing, that both myself and anyone else reading this can see.


Dota 2.

That stands for Defence Of The Ancients for those of you who are unacquainted with it

The reason I’ve been so hesitant to make a blog post almost completely centred around the game is that, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a comparatively small part of my life. Though, it is a large part of my every day life, so does that not make it a large part of my life as a whole by extension? In any case I decided that since so much of my life, of recent, revolves around this game I’d give a brief overview and then get onto what the title of this blog covers.

Perhaps I should have called the post DOTA 2 instead?

DOTA 2 is a MOBA, that’s a lot of letters I know but stick with me; a MOBA is a ‘Multiplayer Online Battle Arena’ that usually has two sides, each sporting five players with their own selection of heroes. Heroes have different classes and uses, though I have no doubt that I will go into this in more detail at a later date and the heroes each vie for control of a symmetrical map.

The way to win a game is by using your hero, along with your friends, to destroy the towers that line the ‘lanes’ of the map (usually paths that run along the outskirts of the map and directly through the middle) and finally to destroy the enemy base (or ‘Ancient’ in DOTA 2). Games usually take about forty minutes and are most fun with a diverse range of heroes on each side.

Having said that, some heroes are stronger than others in certain situations, one of these heroes is called “Legion Commander” and she excels particularly well in one on one combat. That is isolating an enemy hero, locking them in place and wailing on them until they collapse.

Legion Commander 2.jpg

She’s a highly predatory hero who prefers an aggressive play style.

Within the game, she’s my latest fascination but the joke of today is that despite playing a couple of games, I was never able to play her once,  people picked her before me- rough luck.

But there will be more on DOTA over the coming days and weeks, it’s a part of my life so I no longer see any reason as to why I should hide it away from the attention of this blog.

That’s all for today though.

Until tomorrow.

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