Day 56: Legion Commander Part Two

Yes, that’s right, we’re still skirting around the DOTA topic and I know that it’s not for everyone so it wont be the entire context of this blog post… just a major section of it. Sorry.

Legion Commander is still the hero that I’m trying to learn and I believe i’m making some headway into that, understanding her lore and figuring out which are the best items to build with her. Whilst I know that this next part will be gibberish to some of you, bear with me.

In the early game I like to go with Phase Boots, their increased damage, attack speed and active ability really compliment her aggressive play style and be level six they should guarantee you at least one successful duel.

Moving into the mid game, and what I would call the roaming stage I think that the Armlet of Mordiggian is superbly effective, when active it, in essence grants more health and damage to you, helping you get in, lop their heads off and get out with as little damage as possible.

Late game is where I’m struggling at the moment, not only is it not guaranteed in every game you play, but I am also at a crossroads as to what to buy. Off the top of my head, I usually play with either Daedalus, Assault Cuirass or Abyssal blade (show below respectively).


The Daedalus helps me with some massive damage and a potential to crit, making those duels a little easier, though to ‘guarantee’ (if you can call it that) a crit, you really have to have the attack speed to back it up.


Assault Cuirass is fantastic for attack speed and armour, plus it gives your allies a buff so long as they’re around you, always a plus point, it’s something that you can never get enough of, but it lacks stopping power.

Abyssal blade

Finally there’s the Abyssal Blade; with its active it can drop a two second stun on an opponent, locking them in place and preventing them from attacking and as an added bonus, it has a passive chance to perform a smaller stun. Massive damage and health bonuses with a superb ability make it a winning choice… but it’s expensive.


As I said at the start of this post, I promised that this wouldn’t be the only thing in this post and true to my word, it isn’t. The other thing that i’ve been meaning to talk about was my reading. I’ve gotten back into the swing of reading recently and will be starting on “The Analects” by Confucius immediately, aiming for the same goal as before- twenty pages.

Though, for now, that is all, I’ll go into more depth about the book tomorrow.

Until then.

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