Day 57: A Few Goals

Today wasn’t a very productive day overall, but the lack of things to do, perhaps brought about by a rather acute head cold, gave me the opportunity to reassess what I would like to do this year. It was something that I pondered on after reading through the first few pages of “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu where it stated that there are five things to consider when pondering war.

I believe that I likened my current mental state to a war after assuming that because this was a long fought and protracted affair, it couldn’t be a battle; naturally, following this way of thinking, I’ve devised a list of five things that I would like to either learn or become better at.

Number one- Japanese. I’ve always quite liked the idea of learning an Asian language, and not only that, but a logo-graphic language so, in reality, it’s two birds with one stone. If you combine this with my interest in Japanese culture, particularly within the sengoku period, it seemed like the rational option… plus it’s a pretty niche language.

Number two- Piano. I can play an instrument with a degree of skill, but it’s been a long while since i’ve actually done that, and I’ve since lost the will to play it. Though I have always been interested in learning how to play the piano, after all what other instruments do you see in buildings and fancy places?

Number three- Gym. So it’s no secret now that I’ve been failing to get fit for some time now, there’s a real want to shed this frail form that I’ve long since adopted and get back my muscular physique. It gave me a great deal of confidence, and whilst I know that it is folly to allow your confidence and mind set to be influenced by either physical frailty or strength… it did make me feel better about myself.

Number four- Hand to hand fighting. I’m pretty nifty with a blade, but most of the time you’re without a knife… or a sword in my case, but I’m not great with my fists. I’ve been picked on in my past, most people have, but I’ve never quite gotten over the feeling of powerlessness someone, who is big and can fight, can instil in you.

Number five- German. It sort of goes with the Japanese, but I’d also like to learn a European language and German seems to fit the bill; it wont be an easy road to being able to speak either of those languages… but hopefully I’ll complete it.

But those were my musings for today, it’s fair to say that there’s quite a lot of stuff to do, and that’s plenty to keep me occupied, if not a little too much.

That’s all for today though.

Until tomorrow.


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