Day 58: First Steps.

Today, bearing in mind my thoughts from yesterday, I decided that I should undertake some initial steps to actually accomplish those goals, crazy I know! So with that in mind I’ve decided to start simple… by tackling the hardest two tasks on there- Japanese and the gym.

Whilst you can imagine the steps that I’ve taken to actually achieving my goals regarding my physique; these steps revolve mainly around finding a local gym that offers everything that I ‘actually’ need and not all the things that I ‘think’ I need, for an affordable price of course.

Whilst my main concern is that I receive the tailored care that I would like from one of these establishments, money remains a concern and so, to alleviate some of the stress that a gym membership will no doubt put on my wallet, I’ve decided that pursuing a job would be a wise course of action.

Whilst I’m the kind of person who cares more about job satisfaction rather than pay but, in this case, I’m willing to put money first, since I believe that the next few months will be particularly taxing on my bank balance, getting everything started. In light of that decision, the places that I apply to rely heavily on “Glassdoor”.

Glass Door Index

This website reveals the reported wages of different job titles within different firms, it’s a useful tool if you’re someone like me who craves some part time work and can’t really commit to a full time job.

With regards to learning Japanese, I’m still awaiting my Genki 1 book and it’s been a while now, I might have to chase up the company I bought it from. I know it’s being shipped from Switzerland, but that’s all, I would have thought that with it being in Europe, shipping would have been a rather smooth affair.

Between that text book, the work book and my willingness to further this study with apps like “Anki” and chatting with a fluent Japanese teacher on “Italki” I believe that over the next two years, I should at least be able to master basic to intermediate Japanese and perhaps take the JLPT and get an accreditation for it- but that’s all for now.

Until Tomorrow.

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