Day 59: Time

It goes without saying that time is a valuable commodity, it’s something that we all possess but, from what I’ve seen, it’s something that very few people utilise properly; it’s a crime and it’s one that I’m guilty of as well, up until recently, it was something that I didn’t exercise to its fullest potential… though, bear in mind, I’ve only just started to do so myself.

This blog post is going to be less about what happened today in my life and more about the ways that I’d like to change the things that happen in my day to day existence. To most people this might seem somewhat counter-intuitive to a daily blog, especially seeing as the concept of such a blog is to deliver small packages of information that, when read together, give an over tone of a persons life- not a blog where large issues get their own post.

Though seeing as this pertains to the every day maintenance of my life.

I’m willing to make an exception

The concept is relatively simple, though in execution it could be a little more difficult since, as has been demonstrated over the past fifty eight days, my self control is somewhat less than desirable. I’ve always had issues with self control, I’m impulsive and when I find something that I adore, I obsess over it, so whilst I do pick things up very quickly, moderation isn’t a word that’s in my vocabulary.

Thankfully my worldly affairs don’t seem to be subject to this lack of self control, at least I’m in control with my monetary state, intake of alcohol and such problems… I know many people are unfortunate enough to fall prey to these vices.

So, the way that I thought about doing it was on a time based schedule. The entire reason why this could be such a difficult task is solely because of my sleeping pattern, put bluntly.

It doesn’t exist!

A “sleeping pattern” intuits that there is some form of regimen in place and as we’ve seen this simply isn’t the case; to remedy this matter I thought that I might try to create a schedule that is based off of when I wake up. That should allow me to use such time stamps as <Hour three> through <Hour five> thus allowing me to fill my waking hours, irrespective of the actual time.

Who knows, I might even be able to get a “sleeping pattern” after all of that- It’s worth a shot.

Until tomorrow.


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