Day 60: Genki

Today, finally, my Genki 1 book arrived, and thus my journey on the road of learning Japanese begins, it’s certainly going to be hard, especially seeing as there are over two thousand five hundred individual characters in Kanji and on top of that they can have different readings as well- a rather daunting concept even for the most learned of linguists. Sadly I am not one of these talented people and to make things worse, there are the two hundred, or so, characters from the two other writing styles, Hiragana and Katakana to learn as well.

From my novice view point, what I understand these styles to be used for are as such: Hiragana is for Japanese words that may lack a Kanji character or to add something onto a Kanji such as a suffix, Katakana is for non Japanese text and Kanji is the written lingua franka of the island nation.

From first view, learning a logographic language might not have been the best choice, though I must admit it’s certainly a tantalizing opportunity, once that I do not intend to pass up on either. The language is staggeringly beautiful, the way that the words are constructed and even the way that their sentences are arranged is surprisingly elegant, if a little long winded. By the time I’m applying for universities, hopefully, I’ll have passed my Japanese speaking and writing courses, perhaps I’d even be able to go abroad and study, no one in my family has ever done that, so it’d be nice to be the first… or rather, my old family.

Still, it doesn’t do well to dwell on such high goals when you’ve yet to take even the first step, so for now I think i’ll focus on actually learning some of the basics and memorising the characters for them, followed shortly by trying to actually use some of my skills when I’ve learned enough.

Though that was about it for today, it’s been a slow day with being up all night, I had a magic moment and almost had a panic attack, so sleep evaded me sadly.

Alas, it is what it is.

Until tomorrow.


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