Day 61: Sleeping Pattern!

Hopefully following an extraordinarily early night my sleeping pattern will soon return, despite actually getting up at five AM in the morning, though I suppose such an occurrence is to be expected when you fall asleep at about ten O’clock the prior night. It was hardly a restful sleep mind you and it was only when I awoke that I realised that I’d only managed to grab seven hours sleep to compensate for thirty hours of being awake- so it’s not guaranteed that this will, in fact, reset my sleeping pattern.

I remain optimistic though, it’d be wrong of me to not try and last through until midnight at least today, since I’m hoping that I can fall nicely into the routine of sleeping for eight hours a day, falling asleep when it’s dark and waking up when it’s light. It sounds like such a triviality, something that should occur without any effort, but for anyone that’s ever suffered with depression you know that, when factoring in lethargy, this is anything but an effortless endeavor.

I’ve always been a night owl, mind you, and I’ve always felt more active in the later hours of the day, I suppose it’s the time of day where no one can really get to you and, if you so choose it, you can power through piles of work, reading, writing or general binge watching of anime. Even as far back as high school I was a night owl, and more often than not I’d be up every night until about three AM, four AM sometimes, and would wake up at around eight… for five years of my life I operated on four hours sleep.

In retrospect that might not have been the best decision, but still, I thrived in high school and it never effected my grades, so no harm no foul I guess.

Today, wasn’t really productive so much as it was fun, I spent most of the day designing a shadowrun character again and then turned to minecraft with a friend (I’d almost forgotten just how annoying creepers are) where I ‘tried’ to build a terrace farm… unfortunately, it looked more like an over sized window-ledge garden. I did try and defend my creation though, shielding it from criticism with the line “If terraced farming has been good enough for humanity for two thousand years, it’s good enough for you Bennet”.

I’m not sure it worked.

Still, that was the most I did today, apart from successfully cooking a salmon encroute (that’s how it’s spelled right) which was pretty tasty, nice when washed down with some white wine. Hopefully tomorrow I can get started doing something new.

Until tomorrow.

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