Day 64: Good News!

I got up earlier than I otherwise would have today but i’ll preface this by saying that it didn’t tamper with the rhythm that I’ve had going, with regards to my sleep, for the past few days, looks like it was just an anomalous morning… at least I hope. I awoke at five AM, it’s really early for most people, especially for me, and whilst I did try to go to sleep again a cat running over your chest and a flushing toiled followed by THE WORLDS LOUDEST DAMN PLUMBING stopped that endeavor right in its tracks.

So i got up. I made my way downstairs, fried an egg and some bacon, made some toast and actually had a proper breakfast, usually breakfast consists of either a bowl of porridge or some cereal (nothing too substantial really) but it was nice to have a sizable breakfast… plus fried meat for breakfast is ‘always’ a winner. In fact, fried meat at any time is always a good move.

Understandably I still felt tired, I’d only had six or seven hours sleep, it’s close to the recommended eight, but you can certainly feel the difference that one hour makes. I felt groggy for the first part of the day, but I managed to get showered and take a late morning walk up to ASDA for two bottles of wine (that should last me a month or so), unfortunately one of the bottles I purchased didn’t seem to agree with me, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I didn’t enjoy the taste.

When I got back to the house, I was expecting a call from my local college, I’ve been interested in trying to take up a course or two, just something to fill my time, but as luck would have it, when they called they offered me an Access Course. It’s not like it’s the hardest thing to do, but it will get me into Uni, and my GCSE’s are stunning, so there was no problem with being accepted.

The only problem is, I’d prefer A-levels, but since I’m nineteen now, with regards to level three education, I’m knocking on a little bit and A-levels could cost more, no one questions your A-levels though when you’ve got a degree, so I guess the end justifies the means, doesn’t mean I’m happy about it though.

Having said that, it is good news and it’s a load off my shoulders to know that no matter what else happens this year, there is a plan for the next, it’s satisfying to know that I could be in Uni in two years time. My plan however is to study abroad. Hopefully if I can pass my JLPT I will be eligible through an embassy recommendation and after a years preliminary in Japan, I will be able to enroll into universities. That’s the dream anyway.

Other than that, the day was spent catching up on my blog, I didn’t learn any Japanese today, but maybe tomorrow… yeah, today was a good day.

Until tomorrow.

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