Day 66: X-Com

Recently my DOTA obsessions seems to have subsided in lieu of a fascination with the abstract turn based strategy of X-com, more specifically X-com: Enemy Unknown and its expansion The Enemy Within. This is largely in part of me getting hyped for X-com 2 very soon (February sixth I believe).

The game merges a grander strategy of constructing a base with adequate facilities to both outfit your troops and to fulfill and story line tasks with a, canonical view, tactical battlefield where the chances of hitting an enemy are dependent upon: weapon, class, range and cover.

It’s punishingly difficult to beat if you believe that you can charge headlong into a situation, armed to the teeth, and somehow make it out on top- these little grey bastards will eat you alive. Though, not all of the aliens are grey and they’re certainly not all little! There are such enemies as the “Muton”, a heavy weapons enemy that excels in front line combat; the first time you meet one of them, they’re bigger, tougher and shoot better than your men, but hopefully by the end of the campaign you’ll be chewing through them like a farmer reaps wheat.


How do I know this? I believed I was pretty good at X-com, I’ve beaten it a number of times, walked through: easy, normal and hard… so I thought I’d put it on the maximum difficulty. I got trashed. Even the weakest enemy in the game, the “Sectoid” absolutely blew away one of my best recruits in a single turn, it was there and then I realised… I’d fucked up.

Other than this game however, I’ve been trying to learn more Japanese, now that I finally have the rules of Hiragana down, or at least what they’ve shown me so far, I’m beginning to learn the actual symbols, though it’s a tough task. To me they still appear as squiggles on a page, I don’t deny that they are elegant, well constructed squiggles, but squiggles all the same.

Until tomorrow.


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