Day 67: Back to Blogging Properly

Once again I’m behind on blogging, what’s more it’s never really caused by me being bored by the concept or me not actually having enough time, it’s directly caused by my latent laziness, it’s not something I’m proud of and it’s something that I dearly want to improve upon. Having said that this blog should mark the start of me actually getting back to what this blog was for, not just an account of the things I did that day, but also a track of: my sleeping pattern, diet and my own perception of my mental state- along with my general outlook.

So here goes.

I’ve taken one step forwards and two steps back. My sleeping pattern is off again and it’s not because of environmental factors, but by my discomfort of the dark (I know it’s childish, but darkness inside of buildings has always unsettled me). It’s more common than you might think and those who suffer from it have ways around it, audio books for example; though the idea of falling asleep listening to a book somewhat defeats the point for me.

Recently I had a rather sever panic attack, my breath fell short and I almost toppled over from dizziness, what makes it worse is that it happened whilst I was just walking into my house… it was pitch black, hence my recent increased discomfort with the dark! Something about nearly falling in pitch blackness, it just unsettles me.

But less about that and more about today, yes? Yes, today I woke up late, as a result of my sleep pattern, and finally rolled out of bed at about half two in the afternoon, it was already past lunch and there was snow on the ground… the house was freezing.

I skipped breakfast and lunch, instead opting for a lone cup of tea and a few snacks through the day before a small dinner, my appetite just vanished and I will be forced to look into using an app to could calories and nutrients… though hopefully this isn’t the case for long.

Other than that I’m still on my  X-com binge and somewhat neglected learning my Japanese today. This is not good, in fact, this is horrible! Really bad!

Tomorrow was no different. Until tomorrow.


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