Day 68: K’ Sounds

Today was actually rather productive despite my late hour of awakening, I actually got out of bed at around the same time as yesterday, some time around two PM, I don’t remember the time exactly but at least, to make up for it, I actually had a filling breakfast. From what I remember I had a bacon sandwich and a large pot of coffee before taking to learning some more Japanese.

This is what relates to the title of the blog post. Today I memorised the symbols in Hiragana that, when sounded, all have a “K” sound at the start (without diacritic marks). These sounds are Ka, Ku, Ko, Ki and Ke.  So far the way I have been learning these symbols and their phonetics revolves mainly around repeatedly writing out the Kana and sounding it out after every completed depiction.

From what I have been able to tell, this is in fact working as I have been able to remember at least ten of these characters a day and retain them at least a week later. This took me up to lunch and for that meal I had a pot noodle and a tea, nothing overtly special- just something to fill me up.

After this I retired to the PC and found that of recent it’s been rather unfulfilling; it’s not as if I’m getting bored of the internet, after all it is ‘literally’ the largest collection of information and entertainment ever compiled by humanity… getting bored by it is almost an impossibility. It did however make me realise that I crave company.

I browsed the internet through the day, pondering on whether I feel comfortable enough to return to LARP, the idea has been crossing my mind as of recent, since I’ll have to pay my annual subscription soon. I just don’t know whether I’d enjoy it… I feel somewhat set apart from the group, it’s partially my fault of course, though I feel that others could be doing more.

The day was rounded off with dinner, it was pretty much what you’d expect. A Sunday roast. I’m not one for tradition and i’m not really one for typically English food, I tend to favour Asian food since it has more flavour, but I must admit that beef was satisfying and It makes an astounding sandwich filler too.

Until tomorrow.


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