Day 69: S’ Sounds

I woke up at a somewhat reasonable time today, some time around noon, although I am sad to say that this wasn’t completely of my own volition and was drawn from my slumber by a phone call. It was a friend, he was asking whether I was doing anything tomorrow but I’ll talk about that in the next blog. Eventually I put the phone down and went to grab a morning shower, It actually made me feel kind of refreshed and I’ve finally found out that It makes my hair look just the right amount of scruffy.

It’s perhaps the only thing that I dislike about winter, that when I get out of the shower in the morning it’s always ice cold and the run to the other end of the hallway to envelop myself in a towel seems to get faster and faster every day. Other than that, winter suits me down to the ground, I love seeing the frosted leaves and branches, it’s really rather pretty and more than anything else, I adore the crunch of frosted grass beneath my feet.

It was something that I got to experience today as we were out of sausage meat, so I took a trek to the store to get some, it’s getting to that part of the year where it’s bitterly cold. After I got back I made a tomato and herb infusion before smearing it over the ground up meat. Ten minutes later and one frying pan almost destroyed I had breakfast, it was exceptionally tasty.

After what felt, to me, like a long morning I finally sat down for my daily Hirigana session, writing out five new characters, though, today I tried to mix it up by writing each of the characters out fifty times every three hours. I began to wonder whether it was the space between writing them out or the number of times writing them out that really mattered. Only time will tell.

Today I learned these sounds and symbols.

  • Sa


  • Se


  • Su


  • Shi


  • So


Thus far I have managed to retain all of the characters that I have learned and despite knowing that there are thirty one base characters left and a whole host of characters with diacritic marks after those, I remain optimistic that I am progressing well.

After all of this I started to cook dinner, it was mainly left overs from yesterday, I can’t really finish off a whole joint of beef myself in one sitting, though I wont say no to having it again the day after alongside some cheese and other deli meats. It was rather nice and is something I will be trying again soon.

Until tomorrow.

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