Day 70: T Sounds

Today was pretty productive, I didn’t get up early, but by no means did I get up late, especially by my standards. I awoke around noon and rolled out of bed straight into the shower, It was only a quick wash but it was enough to make me feel fresh and ready for the day.

So I took a wander downstairs and, unfortunately, it was around this time that I had my first magic moment; my panic attacks have been somewhat sporadic of late and I’m struggling to pin down what’s actually triggering them but they’re definitely affecting my sleep pattern, that much I know for sure.

It was a brief affair and it didn’t instil the usual dizziness that they usually do, in stead it made me feel rather queasy and it almost made me feel as though I was about to throw up… it’s a small grace that it wasn’t a full blown panic attack, but it’s not enough for it to be a small one, sooner or later I want them gone from my life. I’ll put some effort into talking with a therapist, perhaps consulting my GP for a pharmaceutical remedy as well.

After this rather unpleasant turn of events I set about making breakfast. Today it was little more than a ham sandwich and that was, in all honesty, really breakfast come lunch.

I readily dove right into my studies and learned the following five sounds.

  • Ta


  • Chi


  • Tsu


  • To


  • Te


These are what I learned today, though I think I will have to start learning more than five a day if I am to start making some proper headway, though an interesting point is that the character for “tsu” is rarely used due to the character for “su” also being read the same, instead it is usually used to denote double consonants.

Later in the day I had a small dinner, nothing special, I wasn’t really hungry and I couldn’t really be bothered cooking, so I mostly snacked through the day, it’s not a great habit to get into, but it’s one that i’ll try to actively work out of.

That was it for today, today was a good day.

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