Day 71: H Sounds

As has been the trend for the past three days, today I learned some more Hiragana, this time revolving around the starting sound H… with one exception- fu.

I woke up late, late even for me. Some time around four pm. I’m still having difficulty falling asleep, the dark is still unsettling me and it’s all because of that damn resurgence of panic attacks. I awoke and opted not to have a shower this mor… afternoon, having deemed it was a little late in the day for that I went downstairs and made bre… lunch.

Lunch was pretty filling, some porridge, coffee and, oddly enough, a pot noodle. Sometimes I have odd cravings, but sometimes they just work out so well! I would have never thought that noodles in chow-mein sauce would have complimented hot milky oats so well… but maybe i’m just weird.

Fish fingers and custard anyone?

After this I sat down and started writing out these five characters fifty times each and made flash cards to go along with them (which I now carry around in my wallet with me so I can brush up on the go).

  • Ha


  • Hi


  • Ho


  • He


  • Fu


After memorising all of these symbols I put down my studies for the day and tried to make some dinner, in the end I ended up getting a takeaway, lazy I know but certainly nutritious and filling, it was a nice end to a good day.

Until tomorrow.

P.S: Also, obligatory melon girl breast framing.


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