Day 72: Freemasons

Today was a rather odd day for me, in fact, today was really weird and I did something that I never thought I would do. Petition to join the Freemasons. I am aware that the general rule that they use is the “Ask 1 to be 1” edict, if you’re interested in becoming a mason all you have to do is know one… which is horribly difficult in the first place. Can you name anyone you know who is a Freemason? I can’t!

I do feel as though it might be a bit of a cop for me to petition the grand lodge for membership though, I do agree with many of their beliefs and edicts, though not all of them and I certainly don’t fit the criteria of believing in a “Supreme being” or a “Grand Architect”. Whilst I do believe in a collective effort, such as that of humanity, creating the idea of a proxy architect… I don’t think that this is what they’re really looking for.

The idea of the order sits well with me though, it focusses on self betterment and the betterment of the world through better men, couple this with the sense of kinship that I’ve been searching for for the longest time now and I would relish the opportunity to join.

 I may even be able to make a positive contribution.

Much of my day revolved around this application, it wasn’t really a large thing, but I wanted to make sure that I said the right stuff and omitted anything that might have otherwise hurt my application.

I know that this is, in reality a short post, but this was all that really happened to me today.

Until tomorrow.


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