Day 73: Small Changes

Perhaps it’s irony that I created this blog to help facilitate immediate changes to my life, perhaps I thought that documenting what I’m doing to actually improve my situation would somehow give me strength to actually do it- i was wrong. So perhaps it is irony that it’s only after seventy three days that I realise that the only way that I’m going to improve my situation is by small changes and hard graft.

Hard graft is, in reality something I’ve never had to do before, everything in my life up until this point has either been focused around academia (something which I found invariably easy) or has been an event that was otherwise out of my control… hard graft never really came into it. The truth of the matter is that…

I’m Lazy

It dawns on you slowly at first and It’s only through the analysis and critiquing of your everyday life, you notice that patterns emerge, and you only really do things when you have to… for the most part. It is changing though, I am slowly learning that if you want something you’ll do it at any time no matter how tired or awkward it is.

Nothing, in life, worth attaining is ever easy.

I can’t even begin to stress how true that statement is and it’s certainly not easy, not by any stretch of the imagination. The changes I am making are slight, but I am willing to compound my efforts and work my arse off in order to make the big changes.

I want to speak three languages, including my native English, German would be wonderful, it’s a business rich country and would certainly help me later in life but, perhaps more than that, I’d love to speak Japanese fluently, it’s a passion, I love anime, manga and their colourful culture (I hope that doesn’t make me a weeaboo).

I want to learn to play the piano well, I would love it, it’s such a grand piece of kit and is a marvel of engineering, both sound and material, and it requires such a huge degree of skill to play… It would be the feather in my cap in my eyes.

I want to be strong, muscular and fit! I’ve never really been musclebound and I certainly don’t ever want to become muscle bound, but sporting some more meat and having the vitality to actually pursue physical action would suit me down to the ground, I’m done being physically frail!

Finally, I want to know how to fight with my hands! Too often have I seen people pick on my friends on nights out and the resolution to that situation is a brawl at best and at worst it’s simply me putting myself between them. This has to stop, one day I will be beaten and I will be seriously injured, as noble an action as I have been told it is, I need to be able to disarm a situation without endangering anyone.

These are just a few in reality, but hopefully upon reading through these posts again at some point, this will serve as a note of where I was and how I have improved.


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