Day 74:Wine.

I got up today at noon exactly, I do have a part time job to go to and no matter how much I loathe both the activities withing the job and the customers who I serve I can’t quit… yet. I do need another job, and realistically I don’t really care what it is (with a few exceptions) just so long as it pays more than minimum wage! I’m not exactly asking for twenty pounds an hour and my own office an assistant am I? Just something that gives me a little more bang for my buck.

…Oh and the fact that they haven’t paid me for two months is probably souring my mood as well.

So, begrudgingly, I went to my job and basically switched off for four hours, I work in a bar, it’s a standard student job and normally I wouldn’t complain, but… the people who run this shit show of a bar are basically brain dead. Never have I ever had any experience with admin work or organizing a workforce but i’m all but certain that I could do it better than whoever runs this bar!

I mean seriously, who tells your staff to show up at mid day (When the bar opens!) and then gets angry at you two minutes into the job because the pipes haven’t been run through. Here’s a thought, if they did their job, perhaps I’d do my job a little better too!

This, however, isn’t the real kicker, the real annoyance is the fact that I may be forced to take them to small claims court just for money that they legally owe me. The last time I was paid was on the sixteenth of November… It’s now the twenty third of January. This is unacceptable.

But after another unsatisfying day at work I went home and got a rather nice surprise, one of my friends had bought me a book on wine. This wasn’t one of those hoity toity books that seem to fuel the never ending self imposed elitism of the ‘wine upper class’ this book is actually pretty cool.


Based almost completely on facts and on the basis that personal preference is more important than technique to the average wine drinker; unless you’re training to be a master sommelier this book really covers everything that you need to know.

Everything from the syntax of the stuff to actually tasting and discerning flavours is included.

It was a pretty good day in actuality, only soured by the fact that I had a particularly bad glass of wine to accompany the rather wonderful book.


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