Day 74:Busy Busy Busy

Today was hectic!

The day, or rather afternoon started at two PM. I rolled out of bed, my body aching with what I can only assume was excessive restfulness? I mean…  I don’t really get it, but I woke up aching, so much so that the notion of going back to sleep was arguably as painful as sitting up was. Finally, I did actually roll out of bed and decided that I needed a shower, despite bathing the night before I still smelt of beer and cider, someone had put way too much pressure through the pipes at the pub. Not that I’m naming names, but it was probably the manager… Wellington.

After washing thoroughly I wandered downstairs to find that two of my friends had let themselves into my house, either I left my door open or Hannah picked my lock, again, not to point the finger, but she’s pretty damn good at picking locks. Friends out of the way I cooked some sausages and had a sandwich, well half of a a sandwich and the rest of the sausages- the bread was soggy.

Finally I decided that I would catch up with this blog and, in fact, was successful in this endeavour, we are now finally up to date and WILL NOT fall behind again! With this out of the way I took a small break and contrary to prior blogs I did not go on DOTA- I played “Heroes and Generals”.

Heroes and Generals

A suitably bad-ass logo

“Heroes and Generals” is a free to play WWII shooter based solely around the combat in Europe and Africa, there is no game play within the Pacific theatre. The three factions are the Allies (More accurately the Americans) the Germans and the Soviets, each of which has different gear, vehicles and aesthetics, all of which are balanced very well. The game is played in battles which, individually, contribute to the larger war as a whole.

The war is controlled by a comparatively small section of the player-base denoted as Generals who determine what resources should be diverted to which battlefields in order to buff the chances of a victory on the battlefield in which the Heroes actually play. Of course it all comes down to skill, but having a couple of dozen Tiger II’s on your side never hurt the chances of a win either.

After this I sat down and tried to learn some more Hiragana, today I learned ten symbols and we’re rapidly approaching the point where I need to start learning the symbols with diacritic marks. Hopefully that will be a more expeditious process.

Genki 1

My personal choice of Textbook.

With that down I retired for a few more hours and opted to play a few more games of Heroes and Generals, finally ranked up and then cooked some dinner, in traditional British fair I cooked another Sunday roast and trimmings… Not bad either I must add.

With this out of the way I decided that I would send an E-mail to the Japanese Embassy in London enquiring as to whether, pending my scores on JLPT tests and the outcome of my course next year, I would qualify for a scholarship. Hopefully the answer will be yes.


Lovely Georgian Architecture

Finally at the end of the day I’m going to lay back, relax and enjoy a cup of tea as I fall asleep talking to friends on Second Life.

Good night. 


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