Day 76: Freemasons 2!

I awoke today at my usual, late, time of about four O’clock, something that is rapidly becoming the trend and is depriving me of precious time that could be used doing other things. Unfortunately I have also noticed that what I do get up at this time I tend to eat less as well and today is the perfect example; I got up at four O’clock, approximately nineteen hours since my last meal and still didn’t eat anything… I wasn’t hungry. I should be hungry.

In failing getting my appetite back I can always bulk out my diet with caloric supplements, there’s plenty of them around and if I toss a few spoons of the <Generic calorie powder> Into some fruit or milkshakes it should help balance it out. Though, let it be noted that I would prefer to just have my appetite back.

In other news, today I got a message back from the Freemason Lodge, a gentleman by the name of Paul Nash has viewed my application and I am now awaiting another response telling me the time and place of the lodge I need to attend for the next monthly meeting. Presumably I will be interviewed either before, after or during this meeting, an application that I dearly hope I pass.

It would be a nice treat to have gained entry to such a selective sect of genuinely pleasant people, especially since their whole ethos revolves around improving the lives of their common man. I know I don’t subscribe to all of their beliefs, but I believe that if I can help people by bending the rules a little… it’s for the best really. Some would call it deception to feign a belief in a greater being, but I would maintain that they have no right to deny me the right to help people and be part of this group based upon my atheist nature.



After drafting my thank you letter and petitioning Paul with a few questions he sent me some materials that tell me a little more about the organisation, I’m grateful though I don’t know whether I’ll be able to read them all of not.

It was pretty late in the day by this point, definitely in the evening to say the least. For dinner I decided on something simple and pasta in tomato sauce fit the bill quite nicely- filling too. It went down pretty easily with a side of pork and beans… not the most advanced culinary fare but it’ll fill you up and do in a pinch. I even ate some cherry pie afterwards and I don’t really sport a sweet tooth.



It was delicious I might add

As much as I’d like to report that what I did later in the night was that I made some warm milk and went to bed in a timely and respectable fashion… I can’t. I was up until about five AM in the morning on second life, trying to put off writing my blog. It’s nothing to be proud of, but I did get to talk to some people I haven’t chatted with in a long time, so I suppose I could validate it.

In any case it’s nice to have some feedback from such an esteemed organisation, and I hope to report soon that my interview was a success.

Until tomorrow.

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