Day 77: R Sounds

To whomever may be reading this I’m sure by now you will recognize the formatting of that title, yes, I have indeed been learning a little bit more hiragana. Today centred mainly around things beginning with R.

Whilst, writing this one day behind schedule, I can attest to the fact that I have successfully learned all of the sounds and their characters and am seemingly able to retain them with degree of ease I must admit that my studying for the day was in fact very sloppy. I didn’t sit down to read these characters, practice writing them out and then transcribe them onto flashcards in my usual manner (i.e: sitting in the quiet and studying)… I did it whilst playing games.

This isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, I absorbed what I needed to and I understand the phonetics and rules regarding the use of these characters, but I know very well that my self control is poor and I could have easily become distracted or at the very least disenchanted with my work.


Even now I find that I’m absent mindedly on Second life… I’m quite the slacker.


Of course not everyone Is blessed with a naturally brilliant work ethic, I know for certain I’m not one of them… at least not in my spare time; within the walls of a classroom I’m completely the opposite, I don’t slack off and I’m attentive- always the first one in the room with their hand up and the answer burgeoning past his lips. Such a teachers pet. To keep myself focussed on the work at hand I try to listen to music, it drowns out so much… not just sound.

Regardless, this didn’t happen today and I think I might have barely gotten away with it and I learned these characters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plus a pretty swanky way to display them if I do say so myself.

Aside from this, today was really rather quiet and I even got to bed at a more reasonable time… two AM… baby steps.

Until tomorrow.



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